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For foreign resident who work in Indonesia, Sponsorship should be the name of Indonesian company. After Working Visa holder enters to Indonesia, he / she must come to immigration office within 7 days after arrival to report and arrange his / her KITAS (Limited Stay Permit). IKTA (Working Permit) also must be arranged after KITAS, need to pay DKPP (US$1,200 for 1 year) to the Ministry of Labor. The validity KITAS is for 1 year, and it is extendable per year inside of Indonesia until 5 times (Sponsorship must be same name). And If KITAS holder leave from Indonesia and then come back to Indonesia, he / she must arrange "Re-entry Permit" before departure and has duty to pay FISKAL (Exit tax for Indonesian / Rp.2,500,000) at the International airport in Indonesia. KITAS holder is required to pay FISKAL by Indonesian government as well as Indonesian citizen.


For the first year


Contact us

Arrangement Fee


Contact us * This price is just for the first year

Extention Arrangement Fee


Contact us



* Should be extended 1 time 1 year

Included :

  • Arrangement TELEX VITAS from Jakarta immigration head office *Just for first time only
  • Arrangement for KITAS (Limited Stay Permit)
  • Arrangement Blue Book (Foreigner Control Book from immigration office)
  • Arrangement IKTA (Working Permit)
  • Arrangement Yellow Book (Police Report)
  • STM (Police Documentation)
  • SKLD (Police Documentation)

Not included :

  • Application fee at Embassy / Consulate of Indonesia
  • Airfare and any stay cost in Indonesia and Singapore
  • Airport tax at anywhere
  • Arrangement fee for Re-entry Permit / EPO (Exit Permit Only)
  • FISKAL (Exit Tax / Rp.2,500,000) at international airport in Indonesia (KITAS holder must pay FISKAL before departure to abroad)
  • DKPP (US$1,200 / year) for IKTA (Working Permit)
  • Insured fee for Insurance of Health insurance, Life Insurance and Personal Liability
  • Any cost and payment except the items as above "Included


Company Sponsor Data:

  • Copy of the company's act
  • Copy of the company's locality letter
  • Copy of the company's tax number (NPWP)
  • Copy of the company's business license letter (SIUP / SITU)
  • Organization structure
  • Copy of the employee contract (for companies employing foreigner)
  • Copy of the director's ID card
  • 10 pcs of company letter heads, signed by the company director, and sealed with the company stamp

Applicant Data:

  • Copy of passport (all pages)
  • Passport Photo 4cm X 6cm = 21pcs, 3cm X 4cm = 8pcs, 2cm X 3cm = 6pcs (red background)
  • Resume (Curriculum Vitae)


  1. Please prepare all the required documents, and then send them to MAS Travel. If you have any questions and difficulties, please feel free to ask us (e-mail is also available This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) If you already in Bali, please pay the arrangement fee to us when you bring the document to us.
  2. MAS Trravel arrange to immigration head office in Jakarta for your TELEX VITAS with your document. It will take 2 - 3 weeks to get your TELEX VITAS from Jakarta.
  3. MAS Travel sends you this TELEX VITAS / Sponsor Letter. Please go to the embassy / consulate of Indonesia with this TELEX VITAS / Sponsor Letter by the person yourself to apply your visa. This application fee is not included in our arrangement fee. You need to pay there and there are differences the application fee and terms & condition at each embassy / consulate of Indonesia. We recommend that you ask the embassy / consulate where you will apply beforehand. And basically the embassy / consulate is closed on Indonesian national holiday as well as country's own national holiday where they are. You had better apply with several extra days in addition to your planning.
    How to apply at the embassy of Indonesia in Singapore
    If you apply your visa at the embassy of Indonesia in Singapore, that is the easiest way to use one of agent there. You don't need to follow the queue there and don't need to fill in any kind of application form by yourself. Just pass your passport, TELEX VITAS, 1 pcs of your passport photo and application fee (included the charge for the agent) to the agent. Basically you are asked to bring them (or the agent picks them up to your hotel in Singapore) in the morning and the agent bring your passport with visa to you in this afternoon. If you would like to apply your visa by yourself, you must wait 3 days at least for your visa after apply at the embassy there.
  4. After you receive your visa at the embassy / consulate of Indonesia, please enter to Indonesia within 60 days so that your visa is not expired.
  5. If you enter to Indonesia, please contact MAS Travel immediately. You are required to report and arrange KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) at immigration office within 7 days after arrival. MAS Travel receive your passport to arrange your KITAS instead of you. If you were residence in other country before arriving at Bali, please pay the arrangement fee to us in this period. If you don't report to immigration office within 7 days, you must pay penalty charge to immigration office. It takes 2 - 3 weeks (without the period of week end and national holiday) to process KITAS and Blue Book (Foreign Control Book) at immigration office.
  6. After your KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) and Blue Book (Foreigner Control Book) are issued completely by immigration office, MAS Travel go to police office to arrange your Yellow Book (Police Report), STM (Police Documentation) and SKLD (Police Documentation). It takes around 1 week (without the period of week end and national holiday) to process Yellow Book, STM and SKLD. Finally all the arrangement is finished completely to stay in Bali for 1 year. And please pay US$1,200 for DPKK to arrange your IKTA (Working Permit), so that MAS Travel transfers DPKK to the minister of labor.
  7. MAS Travel can arrange your Re-entry Permit at immigration office if you need. Please find the detail and the price at Re-entry Permit / EPO. You must have Re-entry Permit before leaving from Indonesia to your country or for oversea trip. Or you must have EPO (Exit Permit Only) before leaving if you don't need to stay in Indonesia with your present visa any more. It takes 2 - 3 days to process for Re-entry Permit or EPO. Please contact to us immediately if your plan is fixed up. And please pay FISKAL (Exit tax for Indonesian / Rp.2,500,000) at the International airport on your departure day.
  8. The validity of KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) is for 1 year. If you need to extend your KITAS and IKTA, please contact us in advance 1 month at least before your visa is expired. For KITAS and IKTA extention, we need your passport, KITAS, Blue Book (Foreign Control Book), and Yellow Book (Police Report), passport photo extention arrangement fee and DPKK US$1,200. It takes around 2 - 3 weeks (without the period of week end and national holiday) to process KITAS extention. It is possible to extend KITAS until 5 times at most inside of Indonesia without any visa trip to abroad. After that, you can apply KITAP (Permanent Stay Permit) which holder is permitted to stay in Indonesia for 5 years.

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